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We are a network of Further Education college staff, teachers and students working together to make education inclusive and empowering for all.

Together we raise awareness within Further Education (FE) of the issues facing people in the asylum system, including barriers to accessing and progressing in education, offer specialised support and education, and contribute to building a culture of welcome in the wider community.

FE Colleges can apply to be recognised for their efforts to build sanctuary and become an awarded FE College of Sanctuary. College are supported every step of the way either by the wider FE Colleges of Sanctuary network and the FE Colleges of Sanctuary Team at City of Sanctuary UK.

Please note: for our purposes, our Colleges of Sanctuary Stream refers to Further Education (FE) Colleges due to the specific complexities of post-19 education for people seeking sanctuary. Sixth form colleges would be under Schools of Sanctuary.

Interested in joining this movement of welcome?

This website, our Resource Pack and our half-termly newsletter are available to any college or partner that wishes to learn more and get involved.

Ready to begin your journey to becoming an awarded FE College of Sanctuary?

See the next steps.

See a list of current Colleges of Sanctuary

Please note that there is an award fee of £600 per college to help support CoS UK sustain the growth of resources and support for FE colleges and undertake the appraisal process. This award lasts for three years. If coalitions of colleges within Education Groups/College Partnerships are working toward the award, we expect an award fee from each college as we assess colleges on an individual basis.


Disclaimer:  FE Colleges of Sanctuary are awarded by the City of Sanctuary UK organisation, the local CoS group and partners in good faith and we cannot be held responsible for places of sanctuary who have been awarded but no longer subscribe to our values and principles.

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