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To become an FE College of Sanctuary, colleges must demonstrate how they share their values and activities with their local communities, extending the welcome of people seeking sanctuary beyond the college campus. This might involve raising awareness of forced displacement and the challenges facing people seeking sanctuary amongst the wider school and local community, connecting with a local refugee-support organisations or sanctuary institution to see the ways in which the college can further the work they do and learn from their efforts, getting involved in campaigns to make the UK a more welcoming place for people seeking sanctuary and supporting the wider Colleges of Sanctuary network.

This page outlines different resources, advice and guidance to meet the embed criteria.

10) A public commitment to the City of Sanctuary vision of welcome, including the
endorsement of the City of Sanctuary charter and signing up to organisational
pledge of support. This pledge should be included on the college’s website and/or
in a public space in the college. Some local City of Sanctuary groups have their
own pledge and therefore colleges would be encouraged to sign these pledges if

Some questions to ask and answer:

  1. How have you informed the college community about your pledge? Is this an opportunity to capture suggestions, thoughts and feedback on how to build welcome in your college?
  2. Do you have a sanctuary display/board in central place on campus to help students and staff learn more and get involved?
  3. Could you find a way to collect staff and student’s individual pledges to support your college’s efforts and their own commitment to further the City of Sanctuary vision of welcome and belonging?

11) Celebrate and promote the welcome and contribution of people seeking sanctuary. The college publicly highlights its activities in support of welcome and inclusion. This can include social media/website posts, newsletter updates or attending regional activities or meetings.

Some questions to ask and answer:

  1. How do you promote a positive story of welcome in college and beyond?
  2. How do you celebrate the achievements and contributions of students seeking sanctuary?
  3. Which College of Sanctuary events have you attended and participated in?
  4. Have you written a case study of a specific are of provision or an activity about which you are most proud?
  5. Have you collaborated with another sanctuary institution on a shared activity/event?

12) Commitment to on-going engagement with the Colleges of Sanctuary stream. This may include sharing resources, ideas and achievements via the college’s website or the national City of Sanctuary website, and/or with other colleges and at
conferences and meetings.

  1. Do you commit to participating in another college’s application appraisal panel?
  2. Have you collaborated with another sanctuary stream and supported them?
  3. Have you been mentored by another college and are you willing to mentor another college?