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STEP ONE – Contact the nearest local City of Sanctuary group, or City of Sanctuary regional co-ordinator  & contact them to express your interest in pursuing the award. 

STEP TWO – Read and review the College of Sanctuary resource pack, noting the the minimum criteria  and the Colleges of Sanctuary website for ideas and inspiration. 

STEP THREE – Sign up to an organisational pledge, committing the college to acknowledge and support the CoS charter & organisational values 

STEP FOUR – Undertake an audit of what the college has done to date to meet the award minimum criteria. Consider who in your college may be seeking sanctuary and what support they may need, as well how your curriculum planning could be adapted to include learning about sanctuary. 

STEP FIVE – Create a plan to fulfil outstanding criteria and consider linking this to the college development plan. Decide how you will evidence against the plan (create a portfolio, PowerPoint etc). Ideally, develop this plan in collaboration with a local CoS group, other aspiring or accredited Colleges of Sanctuary or other partner organisations near you.

STEP SIX – Ensure your application journey is documented and celebrated via social and local media and in the college and wider community. 

STEP SEVEN Complete and submit an application to the local CoS group, partner organisation, Regional Coordinator or via the CoS UK website. 

STEP EIGHT – Organise a meeting with the local CoS group, partner organisation (such as a local refugee support network) or CoS UK-identified to review application and undertake an appraisal. 

STEP NINE – Once awarded, plan a celebration & and highlight achievement on college website & social media. 

STEP TEN – Continue to implement and develop a plan for re-appraisal in three years.