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FE College of Sanctuary Resource Pack

Our resource pack on FE Colleges of Sanctuary contains case studies, links to other organisations and recommendations as well as information about accreditation.

College of Sanctuary Resource Pack

To order one or more paper copies of either the resource book, please complete our order form.

Application Resources

To apply to become an FE College of Sanctuary, you must submit an award application (see below) that closely references how you have met the twelve minimum criteria (also below). You should also review the process, bearing in mind possible application deadlines depending on where your college is located.

The application form should also be submitted along with an evidence portfolio – we typically advise uploading supporting documents/ powerpoints/ photos to a folder that can be shared with the application form. At the same time, you should transfer the fee for the accreditation process.

Supporting Resources

Click on the ‘LEARN’, ‘EMBED’ and ‘SHARE’ pages for guidance and suggestions on the ways you can meet the minimum criteria that come within these processes, whilst using the associated pages for further links to useful resources, websites and organisations to help you in your efforts.