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Please find a curated selection of resources to teach students about refugee/asylum issues – there are a wide range of excellent resources already available and there is no need to recreate the wheel. Consider using these in tutor groups, personal development lessons or elsewhere to raise awareness and build empathy towards those who have been forced to flee.

When teaching about forced migration, whilst we think it is important to clarify key terminology and facts and figures to challenge misinformation, it is important to centre the voices and stories of people who have sought sanctuary to build empathy and encourage a understanding of them as individuals and people. Equally, whilst it is important to understand why people have been forced to flee and the journeys they take, we should also seek to raise awareness about their realities and experiences in the UK to challenge common misconceptions and build empathy around the challenges they face here.

Ideally, we want to see how learning about these themes has guided your community to take action and do meaningful acts to create a culture of welcome.

Before teaching about forced migration, make sure to identify any students or staff who may be triggered by these learning activities. We advise quietly giving them notice that you will be talking about these themes, explain why and give them the opportunity to not attend or leave if they prefer. Do not expect them to share their own stories but give space if they wish to do so and acknowledge their contributions emphasising how happy you are that they are with you / in your college today.

Suggested Teaching Resources

The Stories of People Seeking Sanctuary

Other Opportunities