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To fulfil criterion 1 (training and education opportunities are provided for college staff and management on refugee, asylum and forced migration issues), FE colleges must show how a) staff have been able to develop their own awareness of refugee, asylum & migration issues generally and b) how staff have been given opportunities to develop their professional expertise in meeting the needs of students from sanctuary seeking backgrounds.

The suggestions outlined below are not definitive and it is not necessary for FE colleges to complete every suggested training in order to be recognised. Instead, consider which themes/ topics are most relevant for which members of staff and in which areas it is most necessary for staff in your institution to develop. You should also consider ways in which trained staff can share their knowledge and expertise to benefit colleagues.

A) Learning about refugee and asylum issues

  • Contact your local refugee support organisation to see if they can visit your school to explain to staff about the work they do & the challenges the people they work with experience
  • Reflect on what areas your staff need to develop their understanding: facts, figures and terminology; rights and entitlements of people seeking sanctuary in the UK; your local migration contexts; recent changes in UK immigration policy and how this will affect sanctuary seeking students; the diversity of sanctuary seeking experiences. Assign a member of staff to research and present in weekly/ monthly/ half-termly staff meetings and/or share an update in staff communications. You should sign up to City of Sanctuary UK and Right to Remain newsletters to stay on top of the latest developments.

B) CPD Trainings/ Resources to Develop Professional Expertise


Access and Barriers

Supporting Students Seeking Sanctuary in College

Teaching about Refugees/ Migration

  • UNHCR – Teaching about Refugees
  • Migration Museum – Training and supporting resources to help you teach about migration and identify opportunities to do so within the (English) curriculum.



Antiracism / Combatting hate

  • Hope Not Hate – Training on a number of topics related to combatting hate, including how to deliver lessons on these themes in schools, recognising unconscious bias & spotting hate. Workshops also available for students.

Mental Health/ Wellbeing

Careers/ Higher Education Progression