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New Colleges of Sanctuary Resource Pack is Launched!

CoS UK is delighted to announce the launch of a brand new resource pack for FE Colleges working to achieve a sanctuary award. The new publication available here. 

Following close consultation with FE Colleges and students from a background of seeking sanctuary, the pack was created to provide examples best practice and resources for institutions wanting to make their campuses more welcoming to those who have been forcibly displaced. The publication outlines the sanctuary award process for FE Colleges, detailing the minimum criteria needed to gain recognition as a “College of Sanctuary”. The pack also contains a wealth of case studies, illustrating the rich array of ways that Colleges across the UK have incorporated sanctuary initiatives in their curricula and pastoral care.

Colleges are at the forefront of receiving and supporting those forced to flee war and persecution. For many young people, further education colleges are where they begin their education in the UK. The support colleges provide is instrumental in helping these young people get the education that will allow them to thrive in the UK.

As a student from a background of seeking sanctuary explains in the resource pack “feeling welcomed at a College has helped me in many ways (making friends, getting skills, find opportunities, gaining confidence, giving back to my community). In an ever changing and challenging world, I believe Education is now more than ever important especially for people seeking Sanctuary; I always say that the best tool in life you can give a person is Education.” 

We are particularly grateful to the support provided by the Association of Colleges, the Refugee Support Network and most especially all the students with lived experience who generously shared their expertise and experience with us during the development of the pack.

The launch of the new resource pack also coincided with an article in the Times Educational Supplement FE News about Colleges of Sanctuary featuring case studies and Colleges involved in the development of the pack.  This article will also be featured in the TES magazine.

Please contact Sara Trewhitt at [email protected] for further information.